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The purpose of MICS Youth is to engage Indian-Americans in local and global initiatives, embarking on a path of change.

For more information, contact our MICS Youth PR:  Vibha Ganapati - +1 (734) 447-7262

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Join our purpose to promote and connect the Indian-American youth with its rich scientific heritage roots that originated in India. We want our youth to take pride in its rich heritage and instill a strong indentity with scientific heritage from India. We also want MICS Youth to engage in local and global initiatives, embarking on a path of change. 

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Contact Us:

Shivansh - +1 (734) 447-4874

Arjun - +1 (248) 550-9511

Ashmit - +1 (248) 396-0829

Vidula - +1 (734) 612-8124

Akshat - +1 (734) 447-4874

Drithi - +1 (248) 238-7171


Youth talkshow

The purpose of the MICS Youth Talkshow is to connect younger members of the MICS Community with local, influential figures to share their wisdom from topics ranging from academic, career and political successes speakers have been able to obtain over their lifetime.

Youth Heritage

The goal of the Youth Heritage initiative is to spread awareness of our culture and customs. The Youth Heritage projects include written contests and speech contests on various aspects of Indian heritage to reward learning more about our culture.

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Youth Go Green

The MICS Go Green projects' common mission is to be able to create a clean and safe environment for everyone where all can thrive and we can expand our knowledge of our surroundings. By contributing to the Go Green initiatives, we can create a substantial impact in the existing global climate crisis.

Youth Community

The purpose of the MICS Youth Community initiative is to participation in community service activities such as tutoring and donation.

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