Spurred into action by the Covid-19 pandemic, the leaders of 60+ local Indian organizations have created an umbrella organization to serve and to represent Indian-Americans in Michigan, called Indian-American Community Services, Chapter Michigan (MICS). MICS is a collective initiative with the mission of uniting the Indian American community in order to effectively meet local needs.


Several task forces have been created to address community needs. There are currently 400+ volunteers, of which 80+ are youth volunteers who bring a wonderful energy to the group.


To provide relief services to Indian-Americans in case of family emergencies or community wide crisis; To connect the next Indian-American generation with its roots from ancient India.

                 WHY MICS?

Why do we need one more organization if there are already 60+ Indian-American cultural and nonprofit organizations in Michigan?

Are you aware of any other community or ethnic group or religion who has not some kind of single umbrella organization structure that represents them; serve its own community men & women and take care of them in case of personal family crisis?

Except Indian-American community, all major world communities have such a structure.

Today, we are going to close this gap, with the inauguration of MICS, the oath ceremony and filing of MICS as a nonprofit entity. We will take care of our Indian-American community with priority. No more will our community members be left alone to manage their personal family emergencies. We will also serve the local community and enrich it with Seva and ancient knowledge from India.

It is a moment of pride we take because we have taken steps for serving the local community as “United Indian-Americans”, the umbrella organization, called MICS. Behind MICS, we have power of 60+ Indian-American organizations and a dedicated team to serve.


MICS – EIN#: 80-2493131


MICS hotline: 248-660-0252


Facebook: MICService2020


MICS email: mics.info2020@gmail.com

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