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Dear Community Members

As we welcome 2023, MICS is working on new projects and developing teams. In case you are not already involved in any project(s) and you are looking for an opportunity that matches your interest, passion & skills, please reach out to EC-President Mr. Vikas Bhutada (Email: ) or Volunteer Manager Mr. Gopi Nair ( ) or apply as a volunteer via MICS website

Our Projects

MICS Projects Under Consideration:

Crisis Relief Project

Crisis relief support for Indian-American families facing overwhelming life events that require community support.

Promoting Indian Heritage

Celebrate Indian Heritage and connect 2nd & 3rd generation with their Indian roots. This project .....

Refugee and Immigration Program

This project will serve refugees from India and support immigrant families. Also, this project will serve need of international .....

Senior Citizens Care

This project serves and assists local Senior citizens with variety of programs including technology, mobility, ......

MICS Talk Show & Talent Show

MICS will initiate a live talk show on MICS YouTube channel that will include talent show. It will serve as an Indian-American outlet for all kind of purpose.

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