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Up-coming events

Medical and Technology Camps

Key Youth Activity Dates

  • Go Green Project, Earth Day, April 22

  • MICS Youth Social Event (TBD)

  • Hindu Heritage Contest , IGGF, Sunday, August 11th at 4pm

MICS Event

  • Community Center Meeting: March 31


MICS has outlined 5 major objectives listed below, to focus on during 2024 and beyond, based on the top needs of the Indian-American community in Michigan.


Objective-1: Unity & Collaboration

                    (a platform for ‘One Community, One Voice’)

Objective-2: Crisis Relief

Objective-3: Senior Citizens Support

Objective-4: Indian-American Community Center(s)

Objective-5: Immigrant Families Support

To support some of these objectives, MICS has already identified the following projects/events for the year 2024:

  • Senior Citizens Support:

      - Create a Mobile Application Platform to match the needs of seniors          with volunteers

      - Conduct Medical Camps

      - Conduct Technology Camps

  • Crisis Relief:

     - Create Crisis Relief / Support Hubs in some of the cities in MI to                  support the local crisis or an emergency

  • Grants Writing:

     - Create a focused team with expertise in grant writing. This effort will          support multiple community organizations.


  • MICS Annual Event, “MICS Unity-Gala Night”, a fundraiser for Crisis Relief and Community Center.

MICS e-Newsletter 2023

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Please contact MICS President - Vikas Bhutada @ 248.894.1774 if you have questions or Gopi Nair for Volunteering @ 248.494.2274

MICS is founded on the collective vision of the Indian Americans settled in the US for whom unity and identity mean amalgamation of the rich Indian heritage and a deep sense of community care for those who may need it.

We aspire to collaborate with individuals and organizations from within our Indian-American community to add to its distinct identity and the shared pride of our rich heritage. 

MICS is driven by the philosophy of a united community and the dedication in bringing these vast strengths together for our cause & mission.

mics crisis relieF
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