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MICS Unity Convention Oct.8, 2023 Summary

The Unity Convention was organized and facilitated by MICS; it was well attended by 175 individuals representing ~40 Indian-American Community Organizations along with several community leaders & elected officials.


The event was organized with the broader objectives of creating a framework for creating one voice of the community as well as developing a framework for collaboration for providing social / crisis-services services to the local Indian-American community in Michigan.5 key objectives were proposed for collaboration under the motto “One Community, One Voice”.

Overall, the event achieved its primary objective and each of the organizations felt a sense of inclusion and belongingness and took pride in the fact that we will have a unified voice that will strengthen the community, going forward. Building a community center was emphasized as an immediate need by the participating organizations.

Next Steps:
Request community leaders and organization representatives to select one or 2 objectives and join the focus team.

Please contact MICS President - Vikas Bhutada at 248.894.1774 if you have questions.

MICS - Survey Form to express interest in collaboration
(to be completed ONLY by the Indian-American Organizations in Michigan)


MICS is founded on the collective vision of the Indian Americans settled in the US for whom unity and identity mean amalgamation of the rich Indian heritage and a deep sense of community care for those who may need it.

We aspire to collaborate with individuals and organizations from within our Indian-American community to add to its distinct identity and the shared pride of our rich heritage. 

MICS is driven by the philosophy of a united community and the dedication in bringing these vast strengths together for our cause & mission.

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