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Helping spread goal of the Youth Heritage initiative is to spread awareness of our culture and customs. 

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Youth Heritage Competition

Ancient-Indian Heritage Contest 2023



- Each organization/temple will conduct sign ups, register and prepare their youth for the contents independently 


- Each organization/temple will send their organization youth for the contest 


- Each organization/temple will send judges and participate in organizing the contest 


- Judges will rate the public speaking skills, content & delivery by defined criteria. Youth will top rating will be declared winner. 


- Winners will be awarded monetary gifts. 


- Contest will take place in person in July 2023


- Contest cost will be split among participating organizations.


- Individual youth can participate through MICS by signing in the form below. 


- Registration sign up needs to be completed by participating organizations & temples

Contact Us

Youth Leader: Shivangi Bhatt at +1 734-373-9228

Youth Managers: Veena Kulkarni at +1 248 778-5774 

Vidhi Ghosalkar at +1 313 283 4343

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