Please reach out to us if you need any assistance or want to volunteer.  We are available by hotline or email.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any help. An active, live hotline is available as a resource for anyone needing assistance. Also connect us using any of the social channels below.

MICS Hotline: 1-248-660-0252

Medical Hotline: 1-248-873-2020

MICS is a collective platform of 45+ Michigan based Indian organizations that was recently created in March 2020 due to Covid-19 crisis.

100+ volunteers came together to offer their support for local Indian community. Multiple projects were initiated by various leaders of our community:

  1.  Senior citizen care against social distancing via support of technology: Swati , Bindu, Dr Inderjit Saini, Seema S.

  2.  International student care who were stranded in lockdown campus and are close to lose their student status: Hema , Lipsa, Ruby

  3.  Assist small business and families care who might face hardship due to business loss and job loss : Vikas, Vinay, Shama , Akshay, Priti Agarwal/CPA

  4.  Established Covid-19 medical hotline to advise Covid-19 infected patience and conducted multiple awareness sessions for protection against Covid-19 virus: Dr Anvita Saini, Dr. Sanjay D.

  5.  Plasma donation database : Anand P. Anvita Saini, Savita B, Dr. Sanjay D.

  6.  Healthy Lifestyle : offer yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, herbal and ayurvedic medicine sessions : Meena Puri

  7.  Mask fundraising by students: Hema, Lipsa, Anvita Saini, Savita B.

  8.  Food delivery for health workers: MICS joined hands with MIINDIA /SAAVI on food delivery to health workers in hospitals and senior homes: Chandru Acharya, Anand Kumar (MIINDIA) , Neelesh P.

  9.  Cloth masks: making masks for seniors in nursing home in Detroit inner city residing nursing homes.: Sanjay and Bela Shah, Savita


MISC Teams 

  1. MICS Administering Team; Monroe, Savita, Anvita, Lipsa

  2.  PR team: Shweta Shah, Radhika, Hema Ji, Tina S.

  3.  Website team: Manoj S., Anand P., Youth

  4.  PR-team: Tina S, Radhika, Viasana, Youth

  5.  Certificates: Vinay , Ramgopal , Youth

  6.  Zoom Management : Gargi Choksi, Youth

  7.  Donation: Alka S., Bhavuk M., Savita B.

  8.  MICS hotline: Adarsh

  9. Legal: Ruby Kaur

  10. Interface to The Indian Task Force group: Hema Ji and Anvita Saini

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