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INDIAN-Heritage Contest 2023

About Us

We are thrilled to share the success of the 1st ever Indian Heritage public speaking event, "The 4.5-hour Marathon" which showcased the rich cultural legacy of India. This event brought together 42 talented and passionate youth from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, each delivering marvelous speeches that celebrated various aspects of our cherished Indian heritage.

The Hindu Heritage public speaking contest received incredible support from multiple organizations and professional public speaking schools, including MICS, The Bharatiya Temple, BAPS, Bal Gokulams from Troy & Canton, VTSeva, The Hindu Temple, Students from Key2finesse, and students from Speaking Masters. 

The contest was an inspiring display of our scientific Indic-Heritage, presented by an enthusiastic group of participants, ranging from the youngest at just 3 years old to the eldest senior from High School.


The winners of the 1st Indian-Heritage Contest are as follows:

High School
1st Place: Drithi Padukone, [Grade - 10]
2nd Place: Shtuthi Jagalur, [Grade - 9]
3rd Place: Manya Tijoriwala, [Grade - 9]

Middle School
1st Place: Sumith Madasu, [Grade - 8]
2nd Place: Varun Swamy, [Grade - 7]
3rd Place: Yashika Yaramala, [Grade - 6]

Elementary School
1st Place: Tarini Brahmandhabheri, [Grade - 4]
2nd Place: Jashith Sai Reddy Yaramala, [Grade - 4]
3rd Place: Aiditi Boragal, [Grade - 4]

We extend heartfelt gratitude to every individual and organization that supported and contributed to the seamless execution of this event. A special mention goes to Shivangi, the youth leader of MICS - Heritage project, Veena Ji Kulkarni from Troy Balagokulam, Vidhi Ji Ghosalkar from Key2finesse, Vijaya ji Shastri from Canton Communicators Toastmaster, Raju ji Vishwanatha from Speaking Masters, Nagari ji Achar from the Bharatiya temple  and Subramanya Ji Hande for their exceptional leadership in driving the contest to success.
Special thanks to Mr. Darshan Patel of Pizzawalas for sponsoring the pizzas for youth.

The overwhelming response to this event reaffirms the importance of preserving and sharing our Indic-Heritage. We look forward to hosting more such meaningful and impactful events in the future. Together, let's continue to celebrate and promote our cultural legacy with pride.

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