Youth Yoga

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4 Weeks

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4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Thursdays)

Dipika Vaid

PT & RYT (Beaumont Hospital School of Yoga, MI)
Being a mother of 8 & 10 yr old , I know what to expect with kids when it comes to the mat. Using my clinical knowledge of Physical Therapy & ancient wisdom of yoga , I would like to bring awareness on some very important issues of today’s world. Like, posture in growing kids who are surrounded by electronic gadgets. Yoga for empowerment, celebrating self and stress are other highlights that I am going to focus on. I believe through yoga, children can learn to better understand self by making connections between mind, body & soul. This way, youth will learn to face the world with more resilience, open mind and positive attitude.You can check me out for more details on

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4.Yoga classes These 4 sessions to be registered based on grade level-- Elementary, Middle, High school, and beyond.

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