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MICS Health & Environment Academy is offering enriching and interactive sessions for children and youth that would instill in them healthy living habits and help them embrace a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle from a young age. These sessions would encourage them to develop an appreciation for Indian heritage, culture, and values. 


All sessions are free and will be conducted virtual online by professionals from Michigan MICS Health & Environment Academy. 

 Let your children appreciate the treasures of India: knowledge from the Yoga, Meditation, breathing techniques, environment friendly living, Mythology, all tailored towards healthy and sustainable living. 


MICS Academy Courses

  • Yoga

    Practice based sessions on different forms of yoga for improving health and managing stress

  • Indian Heritage & Interactive Games

    Fun, interesting sessions on Indian history and mythology

  • Healthy & Sustainable Living

    Interactive & practical sessions on all aspects of health and wellbeing drawing from rich sources of ancient Indian knowledge like the vedas and ancient medicinal systems of ayurveda

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