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MICS - Survey Form for Indian-American Organizations (in Michigan) to express interest in collaboration with MICS

This Survey Form is designed to seek feedback from Indian-American Organizations about their interest in participating / collaborating with MICS to further the below mentioned objectives (discussed in the initial meeting on 8/6/2023 in Troy, MI). We request each organization to express interest in working on at least one of the following objectives (a maximum of two) and nominate at least one representative for each of the objectives chosen.

We plan to announce the objectives and the team at our Annual Unity Convention on Sunday, October 8, 2023. Please respond to the survey by September 23, 2023.

Objective 1:

While each organization continues to work on their focus areas such as cultural, religious, political, business, social services, etc. - we can still come together for common issues that are relevant to the broader interest of the Indian-American community and have a single voice to get the right attention and representation.

Your Organization's Representative Information:

Objective 2:

COVID crisis was a major example of how MICS came into existence to serve the Indian-American community and provide crisis relief and social assistance to the impacted members of the community. This effort needs to be ongoing and expanded to assist those in need.

Your Organization's Representative Information:

Objective 3:

There has been an ongoing dialogue for the past several years to have Indian-American community centers where the members of the community can get together for socialization, recreation and leisure activities. This can serve the needs of youth, adults as well as seniors. In the short term, we need to create the framework and structure to meet this objective.

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Objective 4:

Recently MICS conducted a survey of the needs of Senior citizens in the community. We need to create a support mechanism to address these needs of seniors.

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Objective 5:

Recently MICS conducted a survey of the needs of immigrants from India. We need to make efforts and work on lobbying and pushing the concerns of immigrants at state / federal levels.

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Your Organization's Representative Information:

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