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MICS - Young Adult Social Committee

Create social networking opportunities for MICS - Young Adults

MICS - Fundraising Committee

Raise funds for MICS Crisis Relief and other focus projects

Project Leaders:
MICS - Chair of Board: Hema Rachmale, 313-215-1649;
MICS - President : Dr. Anvita Bitta Saini, 313-585-4545;


Grant writing Committee

Support grant-writing for MICS Crisis-Relief and other projects. This task could be a paid job.

Partnership and Outreach Committee

Create partnership and develop collaboration with new organizations; help expand MICS resources and network

Project Leaders:

Adarsh Suneja, 248-703-3985;
Chandru Acharya; 248-722-0020;
Vijaya Shatri; 734-812-6538;
Latha Rao; +1-309-310-2878
Lalit Sethi; 248-312-0147;

Youth: Aditya Patel; +734-262-9994

Hotline Call Support Committee

Accepts community calls who seek support from MICS
Join this team to capture MICS-Hotline calls and complete basic questionnaire by interviewing callers.

Committee Leader:
Munish Manjunath; 408-431-0125;
Pallavi Sapre,, 734-945-9416

MICS - Resource Database Committee

Join this Team to volunteer your time for entering data in MICS resource database. Basic computer skills like proficiency in MS office is required

Project Leaders:
Lalit Sethi, 248-312-0147 (Overall)
Komal Patel, 734-891-4338 (Leadership and major Business)
Pallawi Shrivastava; 248-476-0039 (Small business)
Adarsh Suneja; +1-248-703-3985 (organizations)
Pallvi Sapre; +1-734-945-9416 (Individual volunteers)

Membership Drive Committee

Join this team if you want to help MICS raising funds by recruiting new sustainable members

Volunteering Committee

This team recruits volunteers, interviews new volunteers and assigns to project teams

Committee Leaders:

Pallavi Sapre, 737-945-9416;
Munish Vijay, 408-431-0125;
Deepak Shah, 248-981-8925;

Anvita Suneja, 248-971-4033;
Adhvan Arivalagan, 734-730-8757

Youth/Students Committee

MICS Youth/Students support project teams with their volunteering services. Any youth or college/university student can join this group and support any project of their choice. This committee has been already established and functional.

Committee Leaders:
MSU Student, Anvita Suneja,248-971-4033
UfM Student. Adhvan Arivalagan, 734-730-8757
MSU Student, Shivam Chandra, 734-788-1890

Communication and PR Team Committee

Mission: Manage internal and external media
Volunteer and support this team with creating flyers, press releases; social media , writing stories, creating pics collages, creating and editing videos.

Project Leader:

MICS Internal communication and media: Tina Singh, 248-767-2737;
MICS - External Media: TBD
Branding & Marketing: Mughda Karve; +1-248-765-3022

Website Design Committee

Adults and youth can volunteer their website skills and expand on current MICS website with updates & future feature development

Website Leader's contact info:
1: Manoj Singh , Website Leader , 248-622-6538

Youth Volunteers:
Sahithi Maturi, 248-482-9592;
Spandana Kodali, 248-514-4902 ;
Om Joshi, 947-986-5794;