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Fundraising Support for COVID Relief in India

Dear Community Members,

India is going through an unprecedented healthcare crisis as new COVID cases continue to break global records. Multiple Indian American Organizations from Michigan have joined hands in raising funds, supplying essential items like Oxygen Concentrators and also in setting up a Medical Support Hub.

Let us come forward and donate to this united effort and save lives!" We have partnered with Sewa International USA in this effort. Sewa International USA is a well trusted 4Star rated nonprofit from USA that has impressive record from decades of providing relief services throughout the world by selfless army of volunteers. Sewa International has already raised $2.4 M and is aiming to raise $5M to support this effort.

For Donations:

Donation Details:

Chapter: Detroit/MI

Project: Covid-19 Support India

Comments: Please specify preference for your donation and the community organization name (if any) that you belong to.

There are other Michigan based Indian-American organizations with boots on ground in India that you may want to consider for donation as well. More info can be found on MICS website




Jaya Charitable Foundation:

Chetana Vihara Covid Care Center: Please contact Vijaya ji Shastri (+1 (734) 812-6538) for more info.


List of Partner Organizations:

JET Michigan
Vanitha Gopalan
VT Seva Detroit
Vanitha Gopalan
ART OF Living
Gargi Choksi
Abhi Shah Foundation
Pratik Shah / Bhushan Modi
Aim For Seva
Savitri Raman
DIWA Savita Monroe / Alka Srivastava
Detroit Education Society (DES)
Atul Kalia & Raj Grover
Detroit Talangana Community (DTC)
Suma Kalwa
Dinesh Garg and Vijaya Shastri
Hindu Temple
Dr. Ram Garg
Jain Temple
Rajiv Shah / Manish Jain
Jaya Charitable Foundation
Akshay Shah / Shweta Shah
Kerala Club
Hema Rachmale / Dr. Anvita Saini
Anand Kumar
Namrata Bajaj / Punit Sumani
Anjali Patwardhan and Nitin Chouthai
Rotary Club, Ann Arbor
Manish Mehta
Chandru Acharya
SEWA International
Saylee Nitin / Achalesh Kumar
Sri Shardaamba Temple
Vasu Marla
Telangana Development Forum, Detroit Chapter
UPAD Shikhar Srivastava
Dr. Sarju Shah / Dr. Uma Desai

MICS Hotline - 1 (702) 706 - MICS

Please accept our gratitude for stepping up to help during these most critical times. India is going through an unprecedented healthcare crisis as new COVID cases continue to break global records. Cases are skyrocketing and packed hospitals are running out of oxygen and beds. The entire medical system is under tremendous stress. We would like to make a small collective contribution to help to ease off this burden for the community. 

We are proud to introduce our Medical Crisis Hub where we hope to assist patients and their suffering families in India and USA. This hub will serve dual purpose where we will continue assist via telemedicine services and provide local available options for much needed medications and oxygen suppliers etc. to the best of our ability. 

Through our efforts we hope to join hands with existing organizations like Art of Living, AAPI, Sewa International - on a local and international platforms who have already initiated similar efforts to impact a larger community. 

We encourage you to please join in this effort via link below:

For Healthcare Professionals:  -

For ALL Volunteers:

List of Resources

A COVID resource chatbot, It picks up and curates latest info from twitter
A good site for searching Plasma availability
Intro BOT for COVID
A WhatsApp bot that can help you, your friends & family connect with COVID-related vendors conveniently and reliably. Just say COVID to the IntroBot and let it know what you're looking for!
Linktree - covidsevaindia
Lots of good links consolidated at once place
Twitter Search for Covid Resources
Twitter Search
Collection of Covid Resources
This provides live tracking of vacant hospital beds in cities. All the data for hospital bed tracking is taken from government websites
Here you can find all the tweets n frequently updated info regarding covid in each region in India. This is really helpful if you need a bed or oxygen cylinder nearby.

Below are some helpful resources consolidated from various sources:

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