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Grow Organic

Sustain a healthy community that cares for nature through environmentally friendly methods and constructive youth activities through community gardening.

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Values & Goals

Mother Nature: We value the collective responsibility in stewardship and protection of the earth’s resources. Therefore, we use innovative organic gardening practices that enrich the soil, and our food. We educate each other by sharing these practices with families, friends, and neighbors. 

Healthy Lifestyles: Our Values are to be honest, inclusive, innovative, enthusiastic towards growing naturally healthy food. Therefore, we promote gardening as healthy outdoor recreation for all ages. 

Collaboration: We value the commitment to collaborative decision-making and partner with and support the efforts of others who share in the work of building environmentally safe community. Therefore, we encourage families to involve their children, by offering special programs and activities for our junior gardeners. We provide support for community members with special needs, so they too can experience the joys of community gardening. Food as a Basic Necessity

Project Leaders



Saylee Nitin


1 (248) 619 4549

Alka Shrivastav


1 (734) 748 2035

Umangini Desai


1 (734) 612-5842

Geeta Venkatesh


1 (248) 631 7150

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