MICS has various committees who support projects with various volunteering services :

Comforting Hands

Website Design Committee

Adults and youth can volunteer their website skills and expand on current MICS website with updates & future feature development

Website Leader's contact info:
1: Manoj Singh , Website Leader , 248-622-6538

Youth Volunteers:
Sahithi Maturi, 248-482-9592; sahithig366@gmail.com
Spandana Kodali, 248-514-4902 ; spandanakodali0@gmail.com
Om Joshi, 947-986-5794; jmooshi21@gmail.com

Comforting Hands

Communication and PR Team Committee

Mission: Manage internal and external media
Volunteer and support this team with creating flyers, press releases; social media , writing stories, creating pics collages, creating and editing videos.

Project Leader:

MICS Internal communication and media: Tina Singh, 248-767-2737; tina@marigoldwedding.com
MICS - External Media: TBD
Branding & Marketing: Mughda Karve; +1-248-765-3022

Comforting Hands

Youth/Students Committee

MICS Youth/Students support project teams with their volunteering services. Any youth or college/university student can join this group and support any project of their choice. This committee has been already established and functional.

Committee Leaders:
MSU Student, Anvita Suneja,248-971-4033
UfM Student. Adhvan Arivalagan, 734-730-8757
MSU Student, Shivam Chandra, 734-788-1890

Comforting Hands

Volunteering Committee

This team recruits volunteers, interviews new volunteers and assigns to project teams

Committee Leaders:

Pallavi Sapre, 737-945-9416; pallavi_sapre@hotmail.com
Munish Vijay, 408-431-0125; munish.manjunath@gmail.com
Deepak Shah, 248-981-8925; shahdeepaks@yahoo.com

Anvita Suneja, 248-971-4033; anvi.suneja@gmail.com
Adhvan Arivalagan, 734-730-8757

Comforting Hands

Membership Drive Committee

Join this team if you want to help MICS raising funds by recruiting new sustainable members

Comforting Hands

MICS - Resource Database Committee

Join this Team to volunteer your time for entering data in MICS resource database. Basic computer skills like proficiency in MS office is required

Project Leaders:
Lalit Sethi, 248-312-0147 (Overall)
Komal Patel, 734-891-4338 (Leadership and major Business)
Pallawi Shrivastava; 248-476-0039 (Small business)
Adarsh Suneja; +1-248-703-3985 (organizations)
Pallvi Sapre; +1-734-945-9416 (Individual volunteers)

Comforting Hands

Hotline Call Support Committee

Accepts community calls who seek support from MICS
Join this team to capture MICS-Hotline calls and complete basic questionnaire by interviewing callers.

Committee Leader:
Munish Manjunath; 408-431-0125; munish.manjunath@gmail.com
Pallavi Sapre,, 734-945-9416

Comforting Hands

Partnership and Outreach Committee

Create partnership and develop collaboration with new organizations; help expand MICS resources and network

Project Leaders:

Adarsh Suneja, 248-703-3985; adsuneja@gmail.com
Chandru Acharya; 248-722-0020; acharyacp@yahoo.com
Vijaya Shatri; 734-812-6538; srini5697@yahoo.com
Latha Rao; +1-309-310-2878
Lalit Sethi; 248-312-0147; lalit23.sethi@gmail.com

Youth: Aditya Patel; +734-262-9994

Comforting Hands

Grant writing Committee

Support grant-writing for MICS Crisis-Relief and other projects. This task could be a paid job.

Comforting Hands

MICS - Fundraising Committee

Raise funds for MICS Crisis Relief and other focus projects

Project Leaders:
MICS - Chair of Board: Hema Rachmale, 313-215-1649; hemarachmale@gmail.com
MICS - President : Dr. Anvita Bitta Saini, 313-585-4545; anvita.saini@yahoo.com


Comforting Hands

MICS - Young Adult Social Committee

Create social networking opportunities for MICS - Young Adults