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Medical & Technology Camps 2024

Registration Links:

  • Senior Citizens

  • Volunteers (Medical professionals, IT professionals & Youth)

  • Temple and Organizations (Temples and organizations can contact MICS if they wish to hold a Medical and Technology camp at their facility)

Services offered at the Medical Camp:

  • On the Spot Blood Pressure (BP), Weight and Diabetes tests

  • Opportunity to have a conversation with a specialist about your specific health related issue (2-3 min per patient).


Onsite available medical specialists:

  • Internists Cardiologist Orthopedics

  • Physio-Therapist Dietitians Psychiatrist

  • Dermatologist Oncologist Ophthalmologist

Various sessions will be held by experts on the following topics:

  • Aging healthily

  • Home safety for Senior Citizens

  • How to overcome loneliness and socialize

  • Home care

  • Should Senior Citizens live at their home or move to a Assisted Living or independent living facility.

  • How to seek support from the community if you need help at home

  • How to manage life after your husband has passed away, and you are living on your own.

  • Learn about the Senior/Volunteer match app, developed by MICS.

  • Learn about the Indian-American Community Center in Oakland County, which will have a Day Care facility for Senior Citizens.

  • Emergency and Crisis Services offered by MICS.

  • Discussions and similar sessions on demand.

Services offered at the Technology Camp:

  • Opportunity to discuss technology issues with IT-experts and seek help.

  • Discuss the use iPhone for socialization and communication.

  • Learn about useful apps for Senior Citizens


Various sessions will be held by technical experts on the following topics:

  • Who to contact if you need help with technology.

  • How to set up and use social media platforms on your iPhone.

  • How to avoid becoming a victim of scams and protect your personal confidential data.

  • How to use technology wisely.

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