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Crisis Relief

Serve and support MI-based Indian-Americans in personal emergencies and major community wide crisis.

Go Green

Encourage and work on “Go Green” projects that help spread the message of environmental friendly lifestyle. ...

Healthy Living

Indian Heritage

Join group of professional instructors who teach how to live a healthy lifestyle by meditation, yoga, breathing and workout. It ....

Celebrate Indian Heritage and connect 2nd & 3rd generation with their Indian roots. This project .....

MI-Indian-Americans Hub

Build an Indian-American Community Center in Michigan that will offer cultural & recreational services. It will become a “To Go hub” for .....

MICS Medical Awareness Sessions &  Blogs

Join this project team if you are from medical & health related profession and would like to share your insights with community.

MICS Tele-Med-Clinic

MICS will offer free Tele-Med services to uninsured Michigan residence. This project team will work closely .....

MICS-Student Campus

This Project serves Indian-American students on MI-Campus who are facing personal issues as well bullying & drugs type of typical student issues .....

Media Watch

This project focus on creating a positive image of Indian-Americans in USA. This project has been partially implemented by installing .......

Organic Farming

Join group of individuals who are passionate of growing their food either in their back yard or local community .....

Refugee and Immigration

This project will serve refugees from India and support immigrant families. Also, this project will serve need of international .....

Senior Citizens Care

This project serves and assists local Senior citizens with variety of programs including technology, mobility, ......

Sewa Projects

Join Sewa projects whose mission is to support MI residents / community members in need. This project is still .....

Skill-Education and Career Training

This project will offer supplemental education and skill training programs for local community. Project team ....

Social Debate

This project will encourage open discussions and debates about local issues as well issues faced by Indian-Americans. It will involve ......

MICS Website Design

Adults and youth can volunteer their website skills and expand on current MICS website with updates & future feature development

Communication & PR Team

volunteer and support this team with creating flyers, social media , writing stories, creating pics collages, creating and editing videos.


MICS Youth/Students support project teams with their volunteering services. Any youth or college/university student can join this group and support any project of their choice.


This team recruits volunteers, interviews new volunteers and assigns to project teams

MICS Membership Drive

Join this team if you want to help MICS raising funds by recruiting new sustainable members

Resource Database

Join this Team to volunteer your time for entering data in MICS resource database. Basic computer skills like proficiency in MS office is required

Hotline Call Support

Join this team to capture MICS-Hotline calls and complete basic questionnaire by interviewing callers.

Partnership and Outreach​​

Partnership and Outreach Committee

Grant writing Committee

Grant writing Committee

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee

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