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Helping Hands

Crisis Cases

Read the various crisis cases below and figure out which category your crisis you require assistance for falls under.

cases and awareness

Emergency response and crisis assistance to fellow citizens in need

Crowd with Masks

Community Crisis

  • Community Wide Crises Include

    • Natural Disasters​

    • Pandemics

    • Racial Threat

    • Civil Unrest​​


Mental Health 

  • Partnerships: MAIFS, MI Family Services, Social Workers, Psychologists,

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 1.33.41 PM.png

Personal Emergencies

  • Personal Family Emergencies (only in case of dire needs)​

    • Limited Financial support

    • Home healthcare support

Family Trip

Family Support

  • Services:

    • Provide rides in emergency (If insurance and rideshare companies are available and affordable, these should be used first).

    • Post-Death Assistance (funeral, remains) 

    • Provide Meals / Groceries, in emergency

    • Family moral support 


Immigration/Visa Issues

  • Services Provided:

    • Consultation in partnership with local attorneys

    • Assistance needed with Consulate General of India office in Chicago 


  • Partnerships: Consulate General of India

  • Leaders: Ruby Kaur, Amarnath Gowda

Helping Hand

Generic Support

  • Mental, Financial, Household, Consultancy and Legal Issues

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